Apology Not Accepted

I was recently doing hair and makeup for a client, a lady in her mid thirties. She had clear, soft skin, long, flowing hair, great eyebrows, full, natural lips, big eyes and a great, fun, bubbly, sweet personality. She was beautiful, I was not there to MAKE her beautiful, that had already been done by her Creator, I was just there to fancy up her hair and accentuate her stunning features. 

So, this sweet woman sits in my chair, I start prepping her skin, everything is just fine and then she apologizes. I am immediately confused, she had nothing at all to be sorry about, so I ask her, “What are you talking about? Why are you apologizing?” She responds by telling me she’s sorry she looks so gross and disgruntled. I was absolutely shocked, horrified, really. This beautiful woman was so plagued by the media and our society with the thought that her natural self was not good enough or not presentable to the the public that she felt the need to apologize to me. I was so sad and hurt for her because I have felt this way too. I have felt as though I’m going to offend someone or lose someones respect if I don’t present myself with a perfect, flawless exterior. 

This is not the truth. She was beautiful and more than presentable, and so am I, and so are you. Ladies, gentleman, people in general, you are enough. You with your messy, unwashed, bedhead hair and your greasy, freckly, wrinkled face, are beautiful. You do NOT ever need to apologize for looking the way you do. Whether or not you have acne, like me, or wrinkles, or dark circles, like me, or frizzy hair, or gray hair, or bald spots, or anything else you could think of, you are beautiful. You are not beautiful despite those things, you are just beautiful. 

Now, as a makeup artist, it is my job to make you look flawless, but I am not in the business of making people beautiful. That is not my job, I do not have the ability to do that because that has already been done. You are already beautiful. I just get to accentuate your dazzling eyes and draw attention to your kissable lips and put a spotlight on your flowing locks. Makeup is a passion of mine because I see it as a form of art and self expression. It is something fun to experiment with, a way to set yourself apart with your unique style. 

So, next time you leave the house without your makeup on or you hair done, don’t apologize. Walk proudly, don’t be ashamed, and give yourself credit for your natural beauty. And if you decide that you do want to play around with a new look, give me a call.

By Lauren Guiso of Lauren Guiso Beauty



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